Michael Tin

Michael Tin


About Me:

I am a sophomore Biology major, and I currently serve as the Project Liaison for Delta SIFY. I'm looking forward to connecting with the Inland Empire community and continue to expand access to STEM opportunities for students from all backgrounds. I am currently a project intern in the UCR California Agriculture and Food Enterprise (CAFE). In my free time, I enjoy building computers, reading books, and playing video games. 

Goals and Aspirations:

I'd like to pursue research in a graduate program relating to environmental science and sustainability someday, and I also have a side interest in genomics. Additionally, I have always had an interest in technology and computers and want to study how we can enhance biological processes through computing for the benefit of the world. 


Highlander Newspaper Technology Director: I develop and maintain the website for the UCR Highlander.

KUCR Website Developer: I am currently working on a website redesign for the KUCR Radio.

LabToFarm Project Intern: I am working with the UCR CAFE group and currently developing the website and making videos to showcase the advances in sustainability.

College Democrats at UCR Treasurer: I am also passionate about politics and community building through outreach and voter participation!

Contact Me:

mtin002 [at] ucr [dot] edu

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