2022-23 Leadership


Science Ambassador Leadership Team (2022-2023)

Co-President: Thaniya Shankar 4th year, Biology
Co-President: Jorg Galang 4th year, Neuroscience
Vice President of Projects & Events: Sonali Bhakta 4th year, Biochemistry
Vice President of Media & Communications: Madeleine Haddad 3rd Year, Pure Mathematics
Vice President of Tours: Jennalyn Resendez 3rd year, Cell, Molecular, Developmental Biology
Vice President of Community Building: Maeve Darly-Domond 4th year, Biology
Vice President of Mentoring & Professional Development: Ashley Trinidad 4th year, Neuroscience

Director: Connie Nugent, CNAS Divisional Dean for Student Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Cell Biology

If you have any questions about the CNAS Science Ambassadors, please send an email to cnascommunications@ucr.edu.

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