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Rayan Awais

Science Ambassador Spotlight: Rayan Awais

Name: Rayan Awais Major: Mathematics 2023-2024: 2 nd Year Student ​ What makes UCR and/or CNAS standout? I believe what makes UCR standout are the individuals who take the challenging route and help others in a welcoming way. The CNAS community is very welcoming on campus. Whether it is helping students get involved in volunteering...
Jennalyn Resendez

Science Ambassador Spotlight: Jennalyn Resendez

Name: Jennalyn Resendez Major: Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology 2022-2023: 3 rd Year Student Jennalyn, our Vice President of Tours, is this month's featured Science Ambassador. She was elected to the position in October and immediately got to work preparing for Discover UCR, an open-house event for prospective students. In just a couple weeks, Jennalyn...
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Sophia Parks

Student Spotlight: Sophia Parks

Name: Sophia Parks Hometown: Murrieta, CA Undergraduate school, major and graduation year: University of California, Riverside, BS in Neuroscience, 2017 Graduate school, program, and graduation year: University of California, Riverside, Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology/Nematology, expected 2021 Websites: and How did you become interested in your field of study? I have been interested in...
Radhika Amin

CNAS Student Spotlight: Radhika Amin

Name: Radhika Amin Major: Second year Neuroscience major Hometown: Fremont, CA As a student, you lived on campus, you were involved in a variety of student groups, volunteered with a number of organizations, and conducted research. Please share some of the highlights during your time at UCR. How has that changed during the campus closure...
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Samantha Morales-Torres

CNAS Student Spotlight: Samantha Morales-Torres

Name: Samantha Morales-Torres Major: 3rd Year Neuroscience Major Hometown: Riverside, CA Take us through your decision to attend UCR. As a first generation college student, what did attending a university mean to you and your family? After spending my freshman year at UCSD, I realized that I needed to make a change after my grades...
Caroline Hung

CNAS Student Spotlight: Caroline Hung

Name: Caroline Hung Degree: 2 nd year Ph.D. student, Geochemistry in Earth and Planetary Sciences Hometown: Kenmore, WA Website How did you become interested in Earth and Planetary Sciences and please share with us why you chose UCR to pursue your Ph.D.? Hardly ever exposed to nature as a kid, I was raised in the...
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Colby Ostberg

CNAS Student Spotlight: Colby Ostberg

Name: Colby M. Ostberg Program: Ph.D. in Geological Sciences (with a focus on Exoplanets and Venus) Hometown: Seaside, CA As a first generation college student, can you describe some of the obstacles you faced and how you overcame those challenges to get to this point in your academic career? For my undergraduate studies, I...
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Student Jennifer Le

CNAS Student Spotlight: Jennifer Le

Name: Jennifer Le Major: Biochemistry Hometown: Westminster, CA Describe your research experience at UCR I would say my research experience at UCR has been unexpected, but incredible. When I came to UCR, I thought I wanted to go to medical school, but after taking the Dynamic Genome class, I realized how much I loved research...
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Blue cell formation (c) unsplash

Science Ambassador Spotlight: Saba Shaikh

Name: Saba Shaikh Major: Biology 2019-2020: 2nd Year Student "UCR is an amazing college that provides a lot of resources to its students - take advantage of them! Join clubs that you find interesting, work in a lab, and never hold yourself back from opportunities that interest you. Being part of Science Ambassadors has been...
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Guppy, source: NPR/KVCR

Science Ambassador Spotlight: Hazel Anne Salvador

Name: Hazel Anne Salvador Major: Biology 2019-2020: 4th year student "UC Riverside truly cares about giving their students all the opportunities to reach their dreams. Take advantage of the opportunities UCR has from the summer research programs to the free tutoring at the Academic Resource Center. While college is difficult, remember that there are many...
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Genomics double helix, source Pixabay

Science Ambassador Spotlight: Sophia Rogers

Name: Sophia Rogers Major: Biology 2019-2020: 3rd Year Student Why did you choose to pursue a degree in the sciences? I decided to pursue a degree in science because I was exposed to the world of science at a young age. I was part of a Summer Science Camp in Elementary School where we did...
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Remdesivir, gloves

Science Ambassador Spotlight: Merett Saad

Name: Merett Saad Major: Biochemistry 2019-2020: 4 th Year Student What is your favorite color? Spruce green- it’s very calming to the eye saturated brings spaces to life for those looking to illuminate their world with pure, extraordinary color. A great complement to Classic Colors. Where do you consider to be your first place? Molino's...
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statistics class (c) UCR / CNAS

Science Ambassador Spotlight: Daniel Dorantes Valdez

Name: Daniel Dorantes Valdez Major: Pure Mathematics 2019-2020: 3rd Year Student “A bit of advice that I would give to incoming UCR students is: enjoy your time here, make good friends quality over quantity, and definitely get involved going to school and then home is no fun!” Where do you see yourself 5 years from...
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Biochemistry Li Fan, laboratory, (c) UCR

Science Ambassador Spotlight: Diana Medina-Yerena

Name: Diana Medina-Yerena Major: Biochemistry 2018-2019: 4th Year Student "If someone were to tell fifteen year old Diana that she would be in my position right now, no part of her would believe this. After my first visit to the UCR campus I knew this was where I had the best chance of being the...
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